Gesture Icons

The touch screen has opened a whole new world of opportunities and challenges for designers and developers. Along with the new possibilties, comes the challenge of education users on how to interact with this new platform. Use the freebie pack of Gesture Icons by Rena One to provide visual guidance to users on the capabilities […]

Create CSS Animations on the Fly

CSS animations are lightweight and smooth, and thanks to the death of Internet Explorer 6 they are now widely accessible in most modern browsers. While most designers are likely familiar with the basic transitions and animations, the CCS3 standard includes features for much more advanced animations that can provide visual impact without drastically increasing load […]

Animated SVG Image Slider

Image sliders and carousels are ubiquitous in many web design trends, making it all the more important that developers and designers strive to bring new perspectives into projects. The team at CodyHouse put together this slider that provides a new approach to the typical carousel. The uses SVG paths to power the animations instead of […]

CSS3 Animations Library

Hardware accelerated animations provided in the CSS3 standards are a smooth and lightweight alternate to JavaScript powered animations. However the triggers for CSS animations are limited compared to events in Javascript or jQuery, and they cannot be stacked or utilize callbacks.  Thanks to you can now have much more control over your CSS animations. The […]

Material Design Widgets

Material design is a visual language sparked by the design team at Google in an attempt to create a new set of design standards to implement across Google’s many platforms. Material design draws upon solid design principals of the past while incorporating the latest technologies and advancements in HTML and CSS. These material design UI […]