Responsive Calculator

Responsive web designs are developed to handle the unique visual requirements of mobile devices, tablets and traditional displays.  The Responsive Calculator speeds up the design process by converting .PSD files into a basic HTML5 template that is ready to be turned into a responsive webpage. The tool transforms pixel based images into HTML and also […]

Viewport Resizer

Testing and debugging for different screen sizes can be a tedious task, optimize the process with the View Port Resizer from Malte Wassermann. The Viewport Resizer is a bookmarklet added to your web browser that lets users adjust the viewing options to account for different browsers and different digital platforms. The tool is ideal for […]


Ever wonder what elements of a web page attract the most attention from visitors? Heat Map.JS might have the answer you’re looking for. by Patrick Wied is a JavaScript library that creates a custom heat map of your website, to track exactly which elements are drawing the eyes and attention of visitors to your page. […]

Abstract Backgrounds

While the background of a website can get lost amongst the numerous menus, sidebars and content sliders, its a fantastic opportunity to brighten up a boring page and show a little personality for your organization or brand. The team at Graphics Fuel released this set of abstract backgrounds suited for your page. The set includes […]

Stylish Web Ribbons

Even graphic design trends often borrow from styles and forms that are found in the real world. Web ribbons have become increasingly popular to display social icons, buttons, logos and badges in different format. The crew at Tegin Graphics created this set of web ribbons to add a sense of flare to sidebars, menus and […]