Icons V.3

Icons have held a special place in designers hearts for years and for good reason. They bring consistency across a design in ways that few other design elements can. Hüseyin Yilmaz created the Icons V.3 pack to bring cartoonish features to breathe some life into common-place icons such as drop down menus, zoom icons and […]

How to Code a Live Dynamic Twitter Feed In HTML Email

Developing and designing for HTML emails comes with a specific set of design issues to tackle. Thanks to the numerous inconsistencies across email clients and software, even the best planned email can quickly be ruined by a pesky setting by on the recipient’s end. The team at Litmus put together this tutorial “How to Code […]

Flexible Grid System

Grid systems help designers organise the many elements on a webpage by bringing order and structure to complex layouts. Flexible.gs by Dogukan Güven Nomak is a lightweight and flexible grid system designed to work seamlessly within other frameworks like bootstrap or foundation, or incorporated into a custom stylesheet. The Flexible Grid System is based off […]

Svidget.js for SVGs

Scalable vector graphics or SVGs are lightweight, easy to modify and scale in size without losing quality.  For these reasons they can be an ideal choice developers and designers looking to add visual elements and slick functionality without overloading the size of your site. Since SVGs are really just XML objects, they can be edited, […]

Scroll-to-Top Elevator.js

Scrolling back to the top of a web page has never been a favorite experience for users. After they’ve read through all your content, there’s no reason to force the user to perform the tedious task of scrolling back up to the top menus and content. Though on-page anchor links have been around for years, […]