Select or Die

The design is in the details. Unfortunately designers are often forced to hand over the reigns to the native browser presets for “select” and “option” elements. The Select or Die plugin is a highly configurable jQuery-based option for taking the stylistic reigns back from the clunky browser style rules. Select or Die attaches custom CSS […]

Local Font

The wonderful world of fonts has truly turned the world wide web into a much more visually appealing place. The widespread use of fancy display fonts does come with a view downsides however, largely on the performance end. The localFont tool created by Jamie Caballero uses local storage functions to store the CSS for @font-face […]


CSS animations are smooth, native to modern browsers and fast-loading. With so many upsides they are a ripe solution to replace clunky GIFs and script based animations that often require additional libraries and struggle to provide a smooth experience across platforms. by Conner Atherton is a set of performance based animations to keep users engaged […]

Interlacing Patterns

Subtle patterns and textures are commonly implemented as visually appealing backgrounds without drawing attention away from the actual content on a site. This set of seamless patterns is ideal for creating responsive backgrounds that will align nicely for web projects. The patterns are available in .PSD format for customization and available for free for both […]

Responsive and Touch-Friendly Audio Player

Thanks to improvements in HTML standards and JavaScript libraries websites no longer have to rely on embeddable elements to host audio files on a page. Unfortunately these type of elements are not easily stylized using common CSS practices. The team at Tympanus developed this that is both stylish and functional. The plugin uses a combination […]