Pixlbrowser – Share Your Portfolio

Inspiration can be the hardest to find, especially when it is needed the most. Pixlbrowser by Joel Alexander aims to make the inspirational treasure hunt much easier by creating a place to share and view the latest portfolios from top designers around the world. Clicking a portfolio in “Launch Mode” opens the desired proposal right […]

CSS Reference

Web languages are expansive by default, its nearly impossible to have the ins and outs of an entire language at the top of your mind everyday.  Every designer needs a handy reference tool at their disposal to quickly resolve any simple hangups that can so often delay a design project. The ever helpful team at […]

Small PDF

The personal document file or PDF is one of the most widely used formats on the internet. Though the filetype is commonplace in almost every office environment, tools to combine, merge and compress PDFs are not so widespread or easy to work with. While there are a number of software options for managing PDFs, the […]

Hover CSS

CSS3 transitions and animations provide lightweight and smooth animations that enhance user elements and the visual feel of a webpage. Hover.css by Ian Lunn provides over 100 dynamic effects that extends the traditional CSS hover effects including glow transitions, speech bubbles, page curls and many others. The effects are ready to use on nearly any […]

CSS Stats

Think your CSS skills are on par with the titans of the tech industry? CSS Stats can provide some impartial insight into the matter. The CSS Stats tool by Mrmrs & Jxnblk  parses the CSS of a site to tally the number of total rules, selectors, declarations and colors used to deliver the front-end experience […]