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Anonymous Web Surfing

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Surf the web anonymously without leaving a browsing history with . Use it to visit websites you don’t quite trust, like brand new websites, or use it to get around your firewall when testing or visiting sites.

Start surfing by entering any URL into their web address box and click the ‘begin browsing’ button. You have the choice to remove all cookies, scripts, ads and referrer information. The site you visit will not know who you are and won’t be able to place cookies recording your visit. Visiting a site through a proxy service like this one will protect your privacy and prevent the site from collecting information about your visit. You are only sharing your information with proxy service.

Which Tab In Firefox is Playing Sound?

We haven’t found an easy way to determine which tab the sound is coming from, but the reason anyone wants to know that is usually to shut off the sound from that tab. Maybe the Firefox add-on “Stop Autoplay” will work for you: this add-on prevents audio from automatically playing when you enter a website.

>>Update: Stop Autoplay hasn’t been updated recently, but you can now download the Muter add-on, currently for PC only. Once installed it adds a mute button into the add-on bar in the lower right corner. For Chrome use extension MuteTab.

The way you would use this is to install this Firefox add-on, enable its settings in preferences, then close Firefox while saving all the tabs, or better yet, bookmarking all of them, and then re-opening Firefox. All tabs should be silent now. Hurray!

Which Tab Is The Sound Coming From?

>> Update: we’ve found a way to stop the sound in Firefox!

We’d love to post a free resource here that helps you find out which tab a sound is coming from, but unfortunately we don’t have a resource for this dilemma yet! Do you? Let’s say you got a few dozen tabs open in your browser and you notice that there is some music playing. You close all the other programs, but you need your browser open to work with it, including all the tabs.

You’re trying to listen to a web seminar and you just can’t find the source of the other sound – what do you do? You’ve already checked the tabs and there are no YouTube, MySpace or other video and music sites open.

If you have a free solution (or very inexpensive one) for Mac and PC, please post in the comments!

How Well Does Your Browser Support HTML5?

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To find out all you have to do is go to HTML5 Test and you’ll get a score up to 300 to see how well your browser supports HTML5. Your browser will be rated on specifications like user interaction, like drag and drop, storage handling and geolocation. Apart from the main HTML5 specification and others created by the W3C HTML Working Group, this test also awards points for supporting related drafts and specifications.

Use FlexPaper to Display Documents in a Browser

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If you have large documents on your site (incl. books), and you don’t want to make them available as a separate download, you could have them displayed in a browser instead. FlexPaper is an open source web based document viewer that uses Flash. It is delivered both as a stand alone flash application and as a Flex (SWC) library, so it can be integrated it into your application in different ways. Examples and use of FlexPaper.

flexpaper documents