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Anti-Phishing Toolbar

Install this anti-phishing toolbar in your browser and get a ‘risk rating’ for every site you visit and a warning for every site with a ‘high risk’ rating. The Netcraft toolbar also shows you in which country a site is being hosted and how long the URL has been active.

Make Any Website Editable In Your Browser

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Not sure what to use this for, but now that you know how to easily edit any web page, you won’t fall for marketers’ realistic looking fake screen shots anymore, right? This won’t actually edit the web page for everyone, just for yourself on your browser of course.


Turn Web Apps Into Desktop Mac Applications

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Turn your favorite web apps into desktop Mac applications with Fluid, a SSB (Site Specific Browser) for Leopard. You can then keep it in your dock like any other application – love it! Use Fluid to run YouTube, Flickr, Basecamp, Delicious, or any other WebApp as a separate Mac desktop application. With plugins you can search Google, Reddit, mix, delicious, digg etc. with coverflow, manage your Twitter account with Hahlo, expand Tiny URLs, or create them and more.


Cloaking Detector

Cloaking detector, simulates Googlebot: find out if content presented to the web crawler is different from what’s presented to the user.