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Anything related to web design and development: templates, images, content, color. See also individual categories for these topics.

Images, Icons, Photos, BackgroundsWeb Design, Development

Patterns can bring a spark of color and design to even the most basic of design projects. The team at  developed a fully functional tool that just about anyone can use to create, save, publish and share patterns of their own. You can create a new pattern of your own

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Content & WritingMobile, ResponsiveScriptsWeb Design, Development

Thanks to the prevalence of jQuery, content sliders or carousels have become a must-have for many websites.  The crew at Egrappler has taken the content slider to the next level by creating a full-screen responsive slider to cycle through content and images in the largest possible format. Egrappler includes a

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Mobile, ResponsiveOptimizeWeb Apps, Services, WidgetsWeb Design, Development

Mobile is the wave of the future for web traffic. Don’t get left in the dust with a lackluster mobile product that fails to take advantage of touch-sensitive devices and the responsive design framework or function at all on a mobile device. Plunk App was developed by the ZURB team

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HTML5Web Design, Development

Online forms provide a valuable avenue of communication for visitors to a website. However poorly coded form tables and outside influences like spotty Wi-Fi connections can turn filling out a form into a hassle for users. The Disaster-Proof HTML5 Forms tutorials aims to change all that by walking web-developers through

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CSSWeb Design, Development

The latest CSS3 attributes for images gives web-designers unprecedented control over the front-end display of a webpage.  With the new border-image property, designers are no longer limited to solid, dotted or dashed lines. The team over at HongKiat has put together the border-image property tutorial that takes advantage of the

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HTML5Mobile, ResponsiveWeb Design, Development

Nowadays designers and web developers need to prepare their projects not just for a number of popular web browsers, but also for drastically different screen sizes of tablets, notebooks and wide screen desktop displays. The Base Framework by Matthew Hartman gives developers a head start by featuring simple design grid

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CSSHTML5Web Design, Development

Test out CSS and HTML code snippets before you use them in a design project thanks to the folks over at Dabblet. is a browser tool that allows users to test out CSS, HTML and JavaScript right from the comfort of a browser window without saving an item and exporting

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