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Anything related to web design and development: templates, images, content, color. See also individual categories for these topics.

HTML5Mobile, ResponsiveWeb Design, Development

Selecting values on a form can be difficult for users of tablets and smartphones. That’s why the team at Mobiscroll developed a powerful HTML5 based control option that makes it easy to select values on a touch-screen from a light-weight and customizable control feature.  The Mobiscroll element is especially useful

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HTML5MP3, Sound, MusicVideoWeb Design, Development

One of the best additions to the HTML5 standard is the native inclusion for audio/video and other multimedia elements. No longer are developers limited to the constrains of embedded Flash video players, like YouTube and Vimeo, in order to host content on a webpage. While the HTML5 video-element comes standard

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HTML5Web Design, Development

With over 100 different elements currently employed in the HTML5 standard, having a cheat sheet of all the available tags and attributes can save even the most dedicated of developers valuable time when mocking up a project. The Periodic Table of HTML Elements by Josh Duck conveniently organizes all the

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Social Media & NetworkingWeb Design, Development

The introduction of the “Timeline” profile is one of the most drastic and somewhat controversial of the numerous Facebook updates over the years. While the new layout is loathed by some traditionalists, it offers Facebook users and especially brands a creative way to customize their profile or Facebook Page with

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CSSWeb Design, Development

CSS Grid provides a customizable layout that is capable of handling up to 12 columns of content for a given webpage. The grid is designed to fit seamlessly into a 1280 monitor and automatically readjusts for smaller monitors and browser windows. Images will be shrunk to fit the width of

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identify a font tool
FontsWeb Design, Development

You see the perfect font on a website or in print and you’d like to know what it’s called. How can you identify that font without having to browse through hundreds of fonts? At you can identify your font by answering a few questions about its characteristics like serifs,

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free business websites examples
Google Tools & AppsTemplatesWeb Design, Development

Over half of small businesses in the US don’t have a website, yet over 90% of consumers look online first for local products and services. Now businesses can get a free website and attend free seminars on how to set up their own site and get online without having any

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