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The personal document file or PDF is one of the most widely used formats on the internet. Though the filetype is commonplace in almost every office environment, tools to combine, merge and compress PDFs are not so widespread or easy to work with. While there are a number of software options for managing PDFs, the team at SmallPDF have put together an array of functions to compress, split, merge and edit PDF files right from the comfort of your browser. Not only can you perform an array of advanced functions like converting images into PDF files, but all the tools are available for free, no account or login necessary.


Free Online PDF Creator

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If you only occasionally convert documents to or from PDF try the free online PDF creator tool at It is designed to print PDFs from any of over 300 document formats like MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, Notepad, JPEG, etc. Direct links to downloadable PDFs are sent to the user’s email address, after which all files are deleted from the provider’s server to ensure safety of information. You can also convert PDFs to PPT, Excel or Docs.

free online pdf creator