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Fun and peculiar, sometimes even useful stuff.

Fun StuffImages, Icons, Photos, Backgrounds

Even graphic design trends often borrow from styles and forms that are found in the real world. Web ribbons have become increasingly popular to display social icons, buttons, logos and badges in different format. The crew at Tegin Graphics created this set of web ribbons to add a sense of

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Even before the creation of modern meme images with cats and other trending items, text has played a crucial part in print and graphic designs. The team at Textify have taken the usage of text to the next level, by developing a tool that creates a visual representation of an

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Fun StuffImages, Icons, Photos, BackgroundsPhotoshopWeb Design, Development

There are literally thousands of custom art brushes available for Photoshop, making it one of the most customizable software programs around. This set of Vintage Medicine Ad brushes from IDperson of adds a retro-flavor to custom images, backgrounds and design projects.  The brush includes images of vintage medicinal remedies

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Fun StuffImages, Icons, Photos, BackgroundsMiscellaneous

Icons can add a sense of continuity to your web page. This set of vintage web icons from the crew over at Icon Shock includes icons of vintage ambulances, microphones, timepieces, arcade games, telephones, maps, furniture, medical devices and other household items that feature an old-school, yet lighthearted theme in

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CSSFun StuffImages, Icons, Photos, Backgrounds

Graphics and visualizations are a must have for adequately representing complex numerical data in an easily digestible format. Though graphics are normally handled in the realm of PhotoShop and other design programs, Derek Mack of Smashing Magazine put together this tutorial to help web designers create an animated bar graph

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build with chrome
Fun StuffGoogle Tools & Apps

Who hasn’t spent hours building and designing houses, castles, pirate ships and entire  cities out of LEGOblocks? The team at Google Chrome has taken the LEGO-obsession to the next level with the Build With Chrome application for Google Maps. Build With Chrome let’s users construct a LEGO building with any

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Set your website apart from the pack with a custom set of social media icons from Tony Thomas of MediaLoot. This icon pack includes 24 custom social icons from the most popular social networks with their logos redesigned as postage stamps for a classic design theme. Each icon comes as

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