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Tools and resources for hardware related issues, like tracking lost or stolen computers.

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For issues about computer hardware or computer software visit to ask questions, post answers, or simply browse. For specific programming problems, software algorithm, software tools commonly used by programmers and matters that are unique to the programming profession, visit If you have questions about servers, networks, ‘many’ desktop

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Causes & Non-ProfitsHardwareSoftware

OK, the products on this site aren’t free, but many are available at a substantial discount, or for only a small administration fee. Choose from over 600 tech products that might be useful for your non-profit. offers all kinds of hardware, software, security products, hosted applications, credit card processing

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HardwareOpen Source & APIs

Open source system to help track and recover your laptop. Will also take picture of thief if you have an Apple laptop with iSight.     Related posts: Social Networking Software Open Source Software for Q&A Site Free Office Software

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