Historical Data:
Research historical data about websites, like how websites looked in the past, how long they’ve been live on the web and previous owners.

Wikipedia Article Traffic Statistics

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If you’re interested in how much traffic your article on Wikipedia is receiving, or what the most popular topics are on Wikipedia, visit the Wikipedia Article Traffic Statistic site. It’s very simple to use: choose your language, the year and month and a keyword and ‘go.’

Here some sample searches:

– Views of Google+ article in July 2011
– Views of 405 freeway article in July 2011
– Views of Harry Potter article in July 2011

Spelling makes a difference: when you use harrypotter instead of Harry Potter, the statistics are different, even though the article is the same.

The site states that it “is very much a beta service and may disappear or change at any time.”

What Did That Website Look Like In The Past?

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For pure entertainment, or to analyze a domain you’re about to buy, see what the site has looked like in the past. The “WayBackMachine” is run by the Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, which is building a digital library of websites and other info available in digital form.

When you check a website, it shows how many times it was crawled in the past by their service and on what dates. The site states that it is set up like a paper library which provides free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public. More info in their FAQs.

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