Stock Photos, Images, Backgrounds and Image Tools For Your Website:
Some resources for photos, graphics, icons, backgrounds etc. may not be completely free and might have restrictions on how you can use them. Read terms before using any image. This list also includes image editing tools.

Colorful CSS3 Rollover Buttons

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Get a selection of simple but very useful ready made colorful rollover CSS3 buttons at You get a selection of 20 buttons in various shades and different font styles and effects. Be sure to check the demo.


Find An Icon

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It can be time consuming to find just the right icon or design one yourself; if you’re looking for an easy way to get icons for your design work, for personal or commercial use, including icons in the public domain, visit IconFinder. This icon search engine provides an easy way to find high quality icons for your web design, presentations or reports. You can search alphabetically and through tags besides the standard search functions and you can also browse through popular icon sets. The site makes it easy to contact designers directly if needed. Before using any icons, be sure to read the license.

wooden icons


fruit icons


creature icons


office icons


scuba diving ocean icons


antique outdated icons

Free Photoshop Actions

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If you have a large repetitive task at hand, or you find yourself doing the same type of editing over and over again, Photoshop Actions can be an amazing time saver. You can string together a series of tasks, like tool actions, menu commands and other editing features and record and save them as an action.

Photoshop comes with some actions already installed, or you can create your own actions to change the size of an image, apply filters and effects and then save your files in a specific format. Currently offers a free Photoshop action bundle for portraits.

A Free PSD File Every Day

Get a free .psd file every day for a year. The website invites designers to give their unused graphics a second life and give them away for free at You’ll find buttons, arrows, icons, progress bars and more searchable by tags. The site doesn’t state what happens when the year is over…

interactive buttons

Hand Drawn Social Media Icons

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To give your design the touch it needs, you may just like the hand drawn social media icons at They actually look like they’re painted and could be used with an earthy design as well as with anything with an artistic feel.

hand drawn socila media icons