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Grid systems help designers organise the many elements on a webpage by bringing order and structure to complex layouts. by Dogukan Güven Nomak is a lightweight and flexible grid system designed to work seamlessly within other frameworks like bootstrap or foundation, or incorporated into a custom stylesheet. The Flexible

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Thanks to the prevalence of jQuery, content sliders or carousels have become a must-have for many websites.  The crew at Egrappler has taken the content slider to the next level by creating a full-screen responsive slider to cycle through content and images in the largest possible format. Egrappler includes a

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Get the open-source PHP CAPTCHA script “Secureimage” at . Generate complex images and CAPTCHA codes with a script that can be easily added into existing forms on your website to provide protection from spam bots. All you need to run it is PHP and GD support within PHP. The Securimage

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If you’re trying to get an auction site up and running quickly, give Webid a try. It is still in beta stages, but is already a popular open-source auction solutions, written in PHP and customizable. Webid features an administration panel, quick install and setup, different themes and easy integration with

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If you want to have a colorful scrollbar on your site, check this resource from . Copy and paste the code in your page and when you open the site, the scrollbars will be colorful. You can change the default colors to any color you like, so you can make

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If you want to give your visitors the chance to adjust the size of the text on your pages, you need a text resizer. You can get a script at and use it for free in your designs. This script stores the choices a visitor makes in a a cookie,

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Browse through a directory of over 40,000 dynamic development tools, programming scripts for more than 16 programming languages as well as informational resources including books and tutorials on You’ll find things like , AJAX tutorials, free Java Scripts, Ruby on Rails scripts and ASP.NET resources. Related posts: Best Free

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