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The touch screen has opened a whole new world of opportunities and challenges for designers and developers. Along with the new possibilties, comes the challenge of education users on how to interact with this new platform. Use the freebie pack of Gesture Icons by Rena One to provide visual guidance

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Material design is a visual language sparked by the design team at Google in an attempt to create a new set of design standards to implement across Google’s many platforms. Material design draws upon solid design principals of the past while incorporating the latest technologies and advancements in HTML and

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Mobile is the wave of the future for web traffic. Don’t get left in the dust with a lackluster mobile product that fails to take advantage of touch-sensitive devices and the responsive design framework or function at all on a mobile device. Plunk App was developed by the ZURB team

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Even before the creation of modern meme images with cats and other trending items, text has played a crucial part in print and graphic designs. The team at Textify have taken the usage of text to the next level, by developing a tool that creates a visual representation of an

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If you need to find errors within your HTML or you simply want clean up your code, the online version of HTML Tidy can help. Simply add your URL, copy and paste your HTML code, or up load your file. Then define a few settings like your output and character

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If you’re working on a project that uses location names, you can use for your research and to download databases of location names from around the world free of charge. GeoNames integrates geographical data such as names of places in various languages, elevation, population and more from various sources.

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There are dozens of QR barcode creators available, but the one on is one of the more versatile ones, letting you create the barcode in color and select from 14 different data types. After creating your QR barcode, you’ll be able to print it (PNG or raster PDF), get

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