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Many mobile service providers from around the world offer free e-mail to SMS service (receiver may still be charged). For a list of companies that will allow you to send free SMS from your web applications visit Uptime Robot. It’s not always possible to get internet access to check e-mails,

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Google has it’s own URL shortener at According to Matt Cutt’s blog it was created so Google could use it for its own products, but then they decided to make it available to the public. If you log in to your Google account, you’ll get analytics and history features

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The web page performance test on WebPageTest.orggives you an overall speed test score with first view and repeat view data. The data is presented in numbers and as a graphic and also offers a full optimization checklist that includes info and tips on images, combining CSS and JS and cookies

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Unlike other services offering redirects, Jambai’s comes without ads. You can sign up for a free sub-domain name and use it to access your website, no matter where it is hosted. Visitors to your site won’t see your URL in the address space of the browser, only the chosen sub-domain.

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If you need to generate forms for your website, try Form Style Generator. You can customize background color and gradient style, border, text, labels and mouse events. Once you’ve entered the required data, it generates a CSS style you can use right away. Additionally, you get an image in .PNG

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Get free sitemaps of your website with up to 500 pages. XML-Sitemaps lets you create sitemaps in XML, ROR, text or html format that can be submitted to Google, Yahoo and other search engines. XML sitemaps can be used to create simple lists of all pages on a website, which

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If you’re looking for a no cost option for a word processor, spreadsheet, presentations and collaboration tool, try Google Docs. You’ll avoid buying and updating expensive software and you can login from any computer with internet access. Another free online office suite is offered at Basic services are free,

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