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Creativity and Innovation Techniques – from A to Z

Have a most vexing design problem and are running out of ideas and time? Put your brain into learning mode and run through a myriad of creativity and innovation techniques described at Look at dozens of techniques like reverse brainstorming (love this one!), using crazy ideas without censoring yourself, analogies and the cherry split.

If you’re already in the ‘tearing your hair out’ phase of your project – and we’ve all been there – try this all time favorite: “If you need to ‘see,’ look at something else” meaning you take a break from your current project and literally walk away and put your brain into a completely different environment. For example, if you’ve been stuck working at a desk, get out and ride a roller coaster, walk through a museum (modern art or classic) or strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. The idea is to get unstuck and open up your brain for new impressions, the food of creativity!

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