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E-book or eBook?

Is it e-book or eBook? With all these internet terms, who can keep up with what’s considered the correct spelling? Well, why not find out from an authority on writing, namely the Associated Press which publishes the AP Stylebook, also known as” the journalist’s bible.” They have a few resources accessible for free, including a very useful Ask the Editor FAQ Guide. So which one is it? OK, we’ll tell you here: it’s supposed to be e-book and not eBook, meaning it needs a hyphen, as all other e- expressions do. But, it’s email and not e-mail, which is the only exception. Why the difference?

From their website: “AP’s acceptance of email reflects the reality of usage. Other e- terms, which aren’t as widely used in daily discourse, are clearer with the hyphenated spellings. Thus AP is sticking with e-business, e-commerce and others that abbreviate electronic.”
Including e-book.

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