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LA Without Cars

Ever wonder what LA looks without any cars on the streets? Many images on have been taken without any cars in the pictures. Hard to tell how he got the shots without the cars, because the images don’t look manipulated either. The Los Angeles photos were taken by a German tourist photographer and sorted into categories by year built, districts, boulevards and more. He also has pictures of graffiti, murals and sorts them by medium used.

The site has thousands of pictures of LA, many (maybe most?) without cars, all sorted by many different criteria which makes this a great resource for anyone interested in Los Angeles architecture or in need of inspiration for their project. Tourists will appreciate the fact that all images come with an address. The idea of taking all these images without cars is what makes this site special. How often have you seen an image of LA or any metropolis for that matter without any cars in it?

Los Angeles fire house no cars

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