Post And Keyword Ideas Through Questions

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If you’re continuously looking for ways to find keywords or topics for your posts, take a look at what kind of questions people are asking on the web. A tool that may be very useful in discovering new keywords is Yahoo Answers.

Click on the ‘categories’ tab and then select your niche. In the live stream you can see questions as they’re coming in. Click over to ‘in voting’ or ‘resolved’ within your niche and you might actually discover a trend within your niche. Clicking on ‘fewest/most answers’ gives you plenty of opportunity to answer questions and possibly place your link here and there. At the very least you’ll get plenty of ideas for keywords and topics for your content.

Online Color Picker Tool

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One of the quickest way to come up with the right colors is to use ColorPicker. Simple, but with all the necessary features, it has hex input, a color slider and the ability to save colors to a palette. You can also choose from generated palettes with complementary, triade, tetrade and analogic colors. The only thing that may make this tool even better would be to add the ability to change the background color of the page itself.

Color Extension For Firefox

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Useful for all kinds of color tasks that may otherwise require several programs, Colorzilla puts a lot of tools useful for web designers into a simple to use extension for Firefox. Get color readings that you can then adjust and paste into other programs, measure distance between two points on a page, choose from pre-defined color sets and save the most used colors in custom palettes. You can also get info about DOM elements with the DOM spying feature. All in all, it’s a useful eyedropper tool, color picker and palette viewer that’s always ready to go right from your browser.


Which Tab Is The Sound Coming From?

>> Update: we’ve found a way to stop the sound in Firefox!

We’d love to post a free resource here that helps you find out which tab a sound is coming from, but unfortunately we don’t have a resource for this dilemma yet! Do you? Let’s say you got a few dozen tabs open in your browser and you notice that there is some music playing. You close all the other programs, but you need your browser open to work with it, including all the tabs.

You’re trying to listen to a web seminar and you just can’t find the source of the other sound – what do you do? You’ve already checked the tabs and there are no YouTube, MySpace or other video and music sites open.

If you have a free solution (or very inexpensive one) for Mac and PC, please post in the comments!

Q & A About Hardware, Software, Servers, Programming, Webdesign

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For issues about computer hardware or computer software visit to ask questions, post answers, or simply browse.

For specific programming problems, software algorithm, software tools commonly used by programmers and matters that are unique to the programming profession, visit

If you have questions about servers, networks, ‘many’ desktop PCs (other than your own), visit

If you’re a web designer and you have questions about anything related to web and e-mail design, visit

With all of these sites, if you have a specific question, it may save you a lot of time if you search first to see if your question has already been answered. Logging in is not required with any of these sites, but with registration you get to offer points to have your questions answered more quickly. These websites are collaboratively edited (like wikipedia), but all edits are tracked.