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5 Strategies to Effectively Market Your YouTube Video

By Jonathan Kane of

YouTube is probably the best video website out there that can help give value to your videos and put a little extra cash in your pockets. Hosting user-generated videos and placing ads all over the site is how YouTube earns money. Yet, they are graceful enough to split the income with the community that made everything happen for them. However, are you part of this beneficial money-making schematic?

If not, get some insights from the following steps on video marketing:

1. Get creative with content

Content will always be king. The theme, plot, message and other elements that go into the video are the core to make it marketable to its viewers.

Don’t settle for momentary attention as that is short-lived. You might be successful at shocking viewers to click but once they see how crappy the content is, you’re lucky if they’ll ever finish watching it.

2. Use social networks for interaction

It’s common practice for video owners to upload videos and leave them there to get YouTube views by themselves. True, you’ll probably earn a handful of viewers but aren’t you aspiring for more?

I suggest, you leave that practice to the lazies and do the brawny work yourself. Go on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and all other social accounts you have. Promote your videos and interact with whoever is nice enough to like or leave a comment. It’s the most effective strategy that will help spread your video all over the internet and achieve fast results.

3. Coordinate with other YouTube creators

You are not alone in your predicament. There are a lot of YouTube creators who don’t have any clue on how to increase YouTube views on their videos. So they get stuck at 100 to 300 views, despite having enough subscribers.

Coordinating with other YouTube creators will have a mutual and beneficial effect. Look for YouTube video users and convey your interest in a partnership. You can both agree to leave video responses on each others’ videos or help advertise to each subscriber base community.

4. Ask for help from YouTube community

Some video owners say that it is shameful to beg and grovel for attention but asking people to “please subscribe” is not begging nor groveling. It is simple a good-natured invitation in an attempt to remind people who watched not to forget subscribing if they liked the video.

The best way to ask the YouTube community for their votes, subscription or shares is through annotations at the middle or the end of the video showcase. The middle and the end part indicate that you caught their interest so it is appropriate to ask them to subscribe.

5. Maximize YouTube Insight tool

Every YouTube creator who has several uploads on the website has this insight tool. However, only a few really make full use of it. But you shouldn’t be one of them. It is about time you discover what YouTube Insight can do for you.

The tool is meant to inform you of online networks, websites and blogs that have sent you most of your views. Simply put, it works to help you determine your biggest referrers, so you know which online channels to prioritize in video marketing.

Maybe for some, these tips may be a case of common marketing sense, but I can’t stress enough how these strategies are neglected, either intentionally or for other reasons. However, be reminded that success requires real legwork and on YouTube only a few hit the jackpot of getting viral, unless of course one plans to buy YouTube views.

About the author:

Jonathan Kane is a co-founder of , a company providing social media solutions to small businesses who seek to establish a strong social presence in the web. In addition, he contributes to the company’s official blog which discusses working practices, how-to’s and updates for today’s web marketer.

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