Difference Between Google Bounce Rate and Drop-offs

The latest version of Google Analytics introduced “drop-offs” in their Visitors Flow section. Even though you might think drop-offs should be the same as the bounce rate, this is not the case. Bounce rate: According to Google, the bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that see only one page during a visit to your […]

24 Guidelines For Blogging

Your writing should be natural and to the point. However, keeping the following in mind will help your post get found and get read more often: Blog content and writing: 1. Topic and title: Write about just one topic. If your blog post turns out to be over 1,000 words, or more than one topic, […]


Every once in a while we get asked why this site seems to not use any search engine optimization. Well, first of all, we do use some SEO, but the main reason why this site isn’t completely optimized is because we had started this site as a very useful collection of resources for ourselves first […]

Analyzing And Keeping Up With Your Competitors

Regardless if you’re selling toys or pool supplies, you need to keep an eye on your competition by analyzing them in order to keep up with them and to keep making sales. In pre-internet days you had to find out who your local competition was and who was selling through catalogs. The emergence of the […]

How To Name Your Website’s Files

Before you simply name a file page1.html, image2.jpg, or some complicated string like a product number, think again. Filenames play a role in SEO, but a good file naming structure also makes it easier for your visitors to save and share links and navigate your website. From a developer’s point of view, having well named […]

Checklist For Buying A Website

Following is a checklist with some points to keep in mind when buying a website: Before you start shopping for a website: – Before we get to the main part of this checklist, ask yourself: why do I want to buy a website? Are you buying a website to direct traffic to an existing site, […]