Why Mobile Marketing Matters More Than Ever

By Simon Phillips of TouchLogic.co.uk: More and more consumers are using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access the Internet and make purchases. If you are a business owner, one of the most important questions for you is: Is your website mobile-friendly? If not, do you realize that you may be losing business […]

5 Strategies to Effectively Market Your YouTube Video

By Jonathan Kane of BuyRealMarketing.com: YouTube is probably the best video website out there that can help give value to your videos and put a little extra cash in your pockets. Hosting user-generated videos and placing ads all over the site is how YouTube earns money. Yet, they are graceful enough to split the income […]

Going Global Online

By Susanne Evens of AAA Translation: Going global is not an act of good will – it is a smart and necessary business strategy. Establishing a global web presence provides one of the most affordable means of tapping into the international marketplace. An information-rich, well published web site sells your products and services to potential […]

Testing Variables To Assure A Successful E-Mail Campaign

The advantages of using an e-mail campaign as part of your marketing strategy are that you can exactly measure your efforts and then fine tune your future campaigns based on your findings. To optimize your e-mail campaign to be the best it can be, take a look at your variables, test them and measure them […]

What SEO Can And Can’t Do

SEO, or search engine optimization, has became very popular in recent years and for good reason. Search engines are such a powerful means for driving traffic to your site that you can’t afford to leave your site un-optimized. ‘SEO’ usually refers to ‘organic SEO’, meaning applying techniques that get your site listed higher in the […]

On-page SEO & Off-page SEO

One of the first things many new webmasters do in an attempt to conquer the top positions in search engines is to rush to on-page SEO. While on-page SEO is a powerful tool, relying solely on it isn’t enough. On-page SEO alone is simply not powerful enough to drive your site to the top of […]

Benefits of Using Longtail Keywords

SEO is changing constantly and even SEO pros can’t always make sense when search engines implement new search algorithms. But regardless of the changes, one technique you can implement is to use longtail keywords. What are longtail keywords? Basically, longtail keywords are 3-6 word keyword phrases that bring you few visitors per month per phrase, […]

5 No Cost Tips for Creating Low Maintenance Websites

Website maintenance is often overlooked in the drive to get a new site up and running. The focus is on getting content on the website asap, images added, all sorts of bells and whistles installed, and a multitude of pages uploaded to the web server. But considering the following issues as you’re creating your website […]

RankRaiser Guidelines For Guest Posts

We’re interested in any topic that will be useful to our readers: creating, optimizing and marketing a website; search engines; social media marketing; e-mail marketing; design; WordPress etc. If you’re interested in sending an article, please refer to following guidelines: – only send original articles that have not been published on the web – length […]