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Your writing should be natural and to the point. However, keeping the following in mind will help your post get found and get read more often: Blog content and writing: 1. Topic and title: Write about just one topic. If your blog post turns out to be over 1,000 words, or more than one topic, consider breaking it up into several posts. Once you’re finished with your post, make sure your content still matches what the title promises. For example, if your title is about ‘writing’, but your post talks mostly about ‘blogs’, modify the title to match the content

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Following is a checklist with some points to keep in mind when buying a website: Before you start shopping for a website: – Before we get to the main part of this checklist, ask yourself: why do I want to buy a website? Are you buying a website to direct traffic to an existing site, or are you planning on generating income? Define your exact reason for buying the website, so you can easier define your terms later on in the buying process. – How much are you willing to spend for this kind of website? Is it realistic considering

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