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By Susanne Evens of AAA Translation: Going global is not an act of good will – it is a smart and necessary business strategy. Establishing a global web presence provides one of the most affordable means of tapping into the international marketplace. An information-rich, well published web site sells your products and services to potential clients around the world 24/7. In addition, multilingual content optimizes the effectiveness of your site by communicating with your customers in their language, and it doesn’t cost the world! Studies show that all Internet users are just like the rest of us: they rely heavily

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Your writing should be natural and to the point. However, keeping the following in mind will help your post get found and get read more often: Blog content and writing: 1. Topic and title: Write about just one topic. If your blog post turns out to be over 1,000 words, or more than one topic, consider breaking it up into several posts. Once you’re finished with your post, make sure your content still matches what the title promises. For example, if your title is about ‘writing’, but your post talks mostly about ‘blogs’, modify the title to match the content

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Every once in a while we get asked why this site seems to not use any search engine optimization. Well, first of all, we do use some SEO, but the main reason why this site isn’t completely optimized is because we had started this site as a very useful collection of resources for ourselves first without considering how it shows up on search engines. It had to work for us first. A long time ago, when bookmarking sites were becoming wildly popular, we started to add our favorite sites to our bookmarking accounts. But the amount of links amassed quickly

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Before you simply name a file page1.html, image2.jpg, or some complicated string like a product number, think again. Filenames play a role in SEO, but a good file naming structure also makes it easier for your visitors to save and share links and navigate your website. From a developer’s point of view, having well named files makes it easier to find files and properly structure the hierarchy of the website. To take advantage of SEO, stay organized, and make it easy for your visitors to enjoy your website, keep the following in mind when creating filenames: Use keywords in your

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SEO is changing constantly and even SEO pros can’t always make sense when search engines implement new search algorithms. But regardless of the changes, one technique you can implement is to use longtail keywords. What are longtail keywords? Basically, longtail keywords are 3-6 word keyword phrases that bring you few visitors per month per phrase, but very well targeted visitors. The power of longtail keywords comes from the amount of longtail keywords you’re using. For instance if you are in the mortgage niche, most likely you know that the keyword ‘mortgage’ is very competitive both in terms of search volume,

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We’re interested in any topic that will be useful to our readers: creating, optimizing and marketing a website; search engines; social media marketing; e-mail marketing; design; WordPress etc. If you’re interested in sending an article, please refer to following guidelines: – only send original articles that have not been published elsewhere on the web or print – length should be between 700 and 1000 words – include an image and/or graphs if you like – focus on just one topic – article should be instructional and/or provide a solution to our readers – no general info articles – no sales

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