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Every once in a while we get asked why this site seems to not use any search engine optimization.

Well, first of all, we do use some SEO, but the main reason why this site isn’t completely optimized is because we had started this site as a very useful collection of resources for ourselves first without considering how it shows up on search engines. It had to work for us first.

A long time ago, when bookmarking sites were becoming wildly popular, we started to add our favorite sites to our bookmarking accounts. But the amount of links amassed quickly and the collections become unusable for reference purposes.

So we decided to keep everything organized ourselves. We started this site with no SEO whatsoever and simply collected and posted links on HTML pages. And guess what happened? Once again it become a collection that was too hard to oversee and too messy to be useful!

Enter WordPress, a platform that allowed us to easily add resources and links and broadcast them to everyone! Now that the organizational part was fixed, we could go on collecting resources we really liked.

First, we literally added one line posts, like this one: Free WordPress Themes, but some sites didn’t like that, because they thought it would be bad for their SEO and asked us to remove them. So we started adding a bit more info and features which helped us remember why we liked them in the first place, and the sites linked to were happy as well.

Each post also usually links out to the resource directly within the first two sentences, without any redirects, or advertising pages; also a no no in the eyes of some SEO folks! Again, we did that because we wanted the site to be very user-friendly – after all, we were the ones using it every day!

We also use the full feed on the ‘free website tools’ landing pages which creates duplicate content, but this makes it much easier to get the info you want quickly. It eliminates you having to click on the single post first in order to get complete info and clickable links. Same for the categories: instead of having to click over for each link, you can use the categories as a continuous list to click through from.

Now that we have some readers, we find that they like what we do too: mostly short posts that get to the point quickly free website tools and resources feed), and links that go directly to the resource as quickly as their browser allows, with no SEO pages to view first. How will this lack of SEO practices affect us going forward? Who knows, but the way things are going now, search engines seem to get smarter in directing people to useful websites, regardless of SEO efforts. For now the focus will remain on us creating a resource that we all like using every day!

So there you have it! This site was primarily set up to make it easy for people to find the info they need, with only some consideration to current search engines rules. We will continue posting useful resources, as well as guest posts and the occasional article. By the way, if you’d like to subscribe to everything we post on this site, sign up for both our lists/feeds, one for the free website tools and one for the articles. You can sign up here.

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