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RankRaiser Guidelines For Guest Posts

We’re interested in any topic that will be useful to our readers: creating, optimizing and marketing a website; search engines; social media marketing; e-mail marketing; design; WordPress etc.

If you’re interested in sending an article, please refer to following guidelines:

– only send original articles that have not been published elsewhere on the web or print

– length should be between 700 and 1000 words

– include an image and/or graphs if you like

– focus on just one topic

– article should be instructional and/or provide a solution to our readers

– no general info articles

– no sales pitch

– check for grammatical and spelling errors

Tip: When creating your articles, do some keyword research first. Long tail keywords phrases can provide ideas for articles, are great for titles and may attract more targeted readers.

Be sure to add a short profile of yourself with two links back to your website, Twitter account etc.

If you’re interested in sending a guest post, contact us.

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