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Anything related to web design and development: templates, images, content, color. See also individual categories for these topics.

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The relatively large size of high-resolution images can quickly increase the required load time for even the most carefully designed websites. The JPEGmini application from ICVT Ltd. allows designers to shrink the size of images without compromising the quality or the functionality of the Jpeg file type and is powerful

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There are literally thousands of custom art brushes available for Photoshop, making it one of the most customizable software programs around. This set of Vintage Medicine Ad brushes from IDperson of adds a retro-flavor to custom images, backgrounds and design projects.  The brush includes images of vintage medicinal remedies

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Slide shows can be an effective accompaniment to presentations but are often limited due to the constrains of presentation software. I Make Web Things developed the Deck.JS  tool to allow developers to create dynamic HTML slide presentations accessible from any common web browser. The tool uses simple HTML input to create

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Though Valentine’s Day is loved by some and absolutely hated by others, regardless of your personal feelings on the holiday, it is big business for many companies. These free vector icons from Sam Jones can save serious time when drafting a Valentine’s Day card or image. You get heart candy,

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The Internet is truly the biggest marketplace for everything from services, antiques, used cars and homemade knickknacks. A pricing table is an efficient method for conveying pricing information and available options for customers on your webpage but can be difficult to layout for different screen sizes. The team at Tutsplus

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Creative and cute icons can provide a much needy dose of personality to a webpage without sacrificing too much real estate on a page. releases daily icons to spice up buttons, images, graphs and info graphics that won’t cost you a penny. Although the icons are mono-color, the available

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Data heavy pages can put a drag on the loading process, either frustrating visitors with long load times or turning them away entirely. The team at Tympanus put together this tutorial on to let your site’s visitors know that the page is working properly and will be fully loaded with

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