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Anything related to web design and development: templates, images, content, color. See also individual categories for these topics.

Images, Icons, Photos, BackgroundsPhotoshopWeb Design, Development

Cohesive icons add a sense of consistency to design projects for both print and digital applications. This set of Loop Icons from DesignKindle features over 100 icons from media player buttons and volume controls, to mathematical symbols and power buttons, to social media logos. The set of loop icons includes

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CSSIdeas and QuestionsWeb Design, Development

Ever since its creation in 1994, developers have used Cascading Style Sheets or CSS, to dynamically style web elements and HTML documents. With the latest CSS standards, developers can control how an object behaves as well as looks on a web page. The crew over at the CodePlayer have put

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Productivity ToolsWeb Design, Development

The headers of an HTML page are very important because when the information is incorrect it could lead to problems, including wrong status codes, incorrect redirects, wrong meta information, etc. The header checker at gives you potentially dozens of HTTP status response codes and offers definitions for each one.

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Browsers, Add-onsWeb Design, Development

The Live ScratchPad from NeoNux is a Firefox add-on that allows programmers to test, debug and edit JavaScript functions right from the comfort of your browser window. Once activated, the add-on can inspect affected objects and DOM elements used in the function as well as flag errors in the function’s

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Fun StuffSocial Media & NetworkingTwitter ToolsWeb Design, Development

Set your website apart from the pack with a custom set of social media icons from Tony Thomas of MediaLoot. This icon pack includes 24 custom social icons from the most popular social networks with their logos redesigned as postage stamps for a classic design theme. Each icon comes as

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CSSWeb Design, Development

Sprites allow designers to load one large image and display only a portion of that image at a given time, saving load time by including all the desired images for a webpage into one big graphic that loads at one time.   While the CSS code gives the designer the

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FontsOpen Source & APIsWeb Design, Development

Fonts can add a touch of personality, class and style to a webpage, however browser restrictions limit which fonts can be natively displayed to a visitor. The is a free interface that gives designers access to a huge library of free fonts that can be quickly implemented on any page.

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