Stock Photos, Images, Backgrounds and Image Tools For Your Website:
Some resources for photos, graphics, icons, backgrounds etc. may not be completely free and might have restrictions on how you can use them. Read terms before using any image. This list also includes image editing tools.

QR Barcode Creator

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There are dozens of QR barcode creators available, but the one on is one of the more versatile ones, letting you create the barcode in color and select from 14 different data types. After creating your QR barcode, you’ll be able to print it (PNG or raster PDF), get analytics (when you register), email it, or use it to create t-shirts and other products via the Zazzle print-on-demand website.

The site offers paid options to create the barcode in high resolution, batch processing, save your codes and more. Click here for more info on QR barcodes.

qr barcode

Stolen Camera Finder

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You’ve just taken a dozens of images you were planning to sell or add to your website when you suddenly realize that you don’t have your camera. Has it been lost or stolen? Then you’re thinking of all the pictures on your camera: what will the people that stole it or found your camera do with them? Will they simply delete them, or will the pictures end up on the web, possibly Photoshopped in some undesirable way? Then you’re thinking why the industry hasn’t introduced passwords on consumer cameras, or a function that will self-destruct the camera, or something like a Lo-Jack for cameras, or a camera finder of any kind…

So you can’t remotely delete the photos and you can’t destroy the camera. The next best thing is to use stolen camera finder. All you have to do is drag and drop one of the images you had taken with the camera previously onto the page and the site will show search results of other images that have been taken with the exact same camera. This service works by using Exif data embedded within your photo to search the web for photos taken with the same camera.

If you don’t have any photos handy that have been taken with the stolen camera, you can also type your camera’s ‘internal’ serial number if you have it (usually not the one on the box) into a search box to see who’s posting pictures with your camera. Exif is a standard used by digital cameras and other electronics and may also include your camera’s ‘internal’ serial number. This may be a long shot, and if your camera isn’t listed, this tool won’t work. It also won’t work searching on Facebook or MySpace because they scrape the Exif info from the photos according to the site.

(To see the actual data your current camera embeds within your photos, try Jeffrey’s Exif Viewer.)

See what can happen if you have an Eye-Fi card installed in your lost/stolen camera.

Wallpapers and Backgrounds in Different Sizes

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For a beautiful selection of free photo backgrounds and wallpapers in different sizes, visit‘s website. The site offers backgrounds and wallpapers for different cell phones, mobile devices and desktop monitor resolutions.

Any images that are presented in a square format have been created for screens that can be viewed horizontally or vertically so there are no gaps, like the iPad for example. Some of the wallpaper and background sizes available on their website:

Cell phones and mobile:
iPhone portrait (320×480) iPhone landscape (320×480) Palm/Treo (320×320)
iPad wallpaper (1024×1024) iPhone 4 high resolution portrait (640×960) iPhone 4 landscape (960×640)

iMac and other 1440×900

4:3 Standard Aspect Wallpaper
1024×768 (XGA)
1600×1200 (UXGA)
1280×1024 (SXGA)

16:10 Wide Screen Desktop
1280×800 (WXGA 1024k)
1680×1050 (WSXGA+)

16:9 Wide Screen Laptop or Palmtop
1280×720 (WXGA 922k)

Full HD

spinning top wallpaper

Set of 200 Icons For Mobile Apps

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You may have seen these icons before on mobile apps you’re already using. Glyfish offers a set of well designed icons for mobile applications that can be used for just about any feature within your app. If you’re using the free set you’re asked to give attribution. The pro version will give you more icons and also a higher resolution set.


mobile app icons


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Looking for a set of gradients in a variety of colors and styles? Check out DezinerFolio’s set of 130 free gradients. These aren’t images, but fully scalable gradients in .grd format, ready to use for any of your Photoshop projects. Use these gradients for backgrounds, buttons, tabs and more.