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Manage Multiple Users Over Several Twitter Accounts

Another popular app for Twitter is hootsuite, which lets you manage multiple users over multiple accounts. Create groups, manage your feeds into Twitter, schedule tweets and view user info without leaving your current window.

There are so many services available now for managing Twitter – how do you know which one to choose? Why not sign up with the top three that appeal to you most and simply try them. You can make a checklist of the features that are most important to you: Do you like the interface? Can you customize the interface to your needs? Does it allow you to add as many users as you need to? How many accounts can you add? Does it allow you to share and manage tweets with other users in your group? How long can you save tweets to share or work on later? How many can you save? How useful are the statistics? Do they give you the numbers you need? Does it have integrated Twitter search? Does it have way more features than you need? Are they planning to charge you for the service in the near future? etc.

It may take some of your time, but finding the right Twitter management app will save you a lot of hassle later on.

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