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Which Tab In Firefox is Playing Sound?

We haven’t found an easy way to determine which tab the sound is coming from, but the reason anyone wants to know that is usually to shut off the sound from that tab. Maybe the Firefox add-on “Stop Autoplay” will work for you: this add-on prevents audio from automatically playing when you enter a website.

>>Update: Stop Autoplay hasn’t been updated recently, but you can now download the Muter add-on, currently for PC only. Once installed it adds a mute button into the add-on bar in the lower right corner. For Chrome use extension MuteTab.

The way you would use this is to install this Firefox add-on, enable its settings in preferences, then close Firefox while saving all the tabs, or better yet, bookmarking all of them, and then re-opening Firefox. All tabs should be silent now. Hurray!

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  1. Steve
    December 26, 2016 at 8:21 pm

    What about this situation: You want to play audio in one of the tabs, so you un-mute the browser (or the speakers). But then you discover that another tab is also playing audio, and you have no idea which tab. Would this addon solve the problem? Thanks!

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